Constance Gewa, PhD

Constance Gewa, PhD

Associate Professor, Nutrition and Food Studies

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Research Focus

Nutrition plays an important role in improving health and developmental outcomes in populations around the world. However, efforts to address malnutrition in low-income populations have not yielded long-term solutions to addressing malnutrition in sub-Sahara Africa. My research focuses on working with communities in sub-Sahara Africa to identify sustainable strategies aimed at improving nutritional status of mothers and children in the region.

Current Projects

■ Indigenous foods and food security in rural Kenya.

■ Determinants of Childhood Obesity in Kenya.

Select Publications

■ Gewa C.A., Onyango A.C., Obondo Angano F., Stabile B., Komwa M., Thomas P., Krall J. (2019). Mothers’ beliefs about indigenous and traditional food affordability, availability and taste are significant predictors of indigenous and traditional food consumption among mothers and young children in rural Kenya. Public Health Nutrition, 22 (16), 2950-2961.

■ C.A. Gewa et al., (2014). Fish-enhanced and soybean-enhanced supplemental snacks are acceptable among pregnant women in rural Kenya. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 35(4_suppl3), S180-S187.

■ M. Slavin, et al., (2016). Effect of clove extract pretreatment and drying conditions on lipid oxidation and sensory discrimination of dried omena (Rastrineobola argentea) fish. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 51(11), 2376-2385.



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