Mills Kelly, PhD

Title: Professor, History and Art History

Phone: 703-887-2884


Groups: Faculty

Research Focus

I am a digital public historian working on two distinct projects — a digital history of the Appalachian Trail and a project designed to preserve, in digital form, America’s coastal historic sites that will be lost due to coastal inundation as a result of sea level rise.

Current Projects

■ Appalachian Trail Histories is a digital public history of the Appalachian Trail, America’s oldest and most iconic long-distance hiking trail.

■ Beneath the Waves is a project designed to collect and preserve, in digital form, the history and visual record of coastal historic sites that will vanish due to sea level rise.

Select Publications

■ Kelly, Mills. 2020. The class of ‘51. Appalachia, forthcoming.

■ Kelly, Mills. 2017. Helping students make history. Public History Weekly, 5(19).

■ Kelly, Mills. 2016. Teaching history in the digital age. University of Michigan Press.


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