College of Science

Alexander Brodsky, PhD

Professor, Computer Science

Faculty Directory

Research Focus

Decision Support, Guidance and Optimization (DSGO) systems and their application to service networks, power, energy, manufacturing and supply chain.

Current Projects

■ Decision Guidance Management Systems.

■ Factory Optima: manufacturing service networks.

■ Decision Guidance for Renewable Energy.

■ Investment in Infrastructure Service Networks.

■ Resilience Power Markets.

Select Publications

■ Brodsky, A., et al. (2019). Factory optima: a web-based system for composition and analysis of manufacturing service networks based on a reusable model repository. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 32(3), 206-224.

■ Guodong, S., Brodsky, A., and Miller, R. (2018). Modeling and optimization of manufacturing process performance using Modelica graphical representation and process analytics formalism. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 29(6), 1287-1301.

■ Mengash, H. and Brodsky, A. (2017). A group recommender for investment in microgrid renewable energy sources. Proc. 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.



Phone: 703-993-1529