Volgenau School of Engineering

Shima Mohebbi, PhD


PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Tennessee

Key Interests
Interdependent Infrastructure Systems | Healthcare Systems | Sustainable Urban Water Systems | Smart Cities
Research Focus
I develop scalable optimization models and data analytics to address grand engineering challenges focusing on societal needs. I am motivated to understand how decision-makers’ behavior, coupled with the inherent uncertainty in environmental systems, impacts the design and operations of cyber-physical systems. I am also passionate about engineering education and community outreach activities.

Current Projects
  • CRISP Type 2: Integrative Decision Making Framework to Enhance the Resiliency of Interdependent Critical Infrastructures
  • Development of User-Friendly Tools And Decision-Making Algorithms For Service Life Design of ABC Bridges
  • DISES: Conservation incentives and the socio-spatial dynamics of water sustainability

Nguyen Engineering Building, 4400 UNIVERSITY DRIVE, FAIRFAX, VA 22030


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