College of Health and Human Services

Germaine Buck Louis, PhD

Dean and Professor, College of Health and Human Services

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Research Focus

My research is aimed at identifying environmental exposures that impact human health, particularly fertility and children’s health.

Current Projects

■ LIFE Study – understanding how endocrine disrupting chemicals affect couples’ ability to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to delivery

■ ENDO Study – understanding endocrine disrupting chemicals and gynecologic diseases, particularly endometriosis

■ Exposome – understanding the totality of environmental exposures and health across the lifespan: how gynecologic and urologic diseases impact adult health.

Select Publications

Louis, G. M. B., et al. (2018). Endocrine disruptors and neonatal anthropometry, NICHD Fetal Growth Studies – Singletons. Environment International, 119, 515-526.

Louis, G. M. B., et al. (2018). Endocrine disrupting chemicals in seminal plasma and couple fecundity. Environmental Research, 163, 64-70.

Louis, G. M. B., et al. (2017). Low-level environmental metals and metalloids and incident pregnancy loss. Reproductive Toxicology, 69, 68-74.

Louis, G. M. B., et al. (2016). Paternal exposures to environmental chemicals and time‐to‐pregnancy: overview of results from the LIFE study. Andrology, 4(4), 639-647.



Phone: 703-993-1918