Ioannis Bellos, PhD

Ioannis Bellos, PhD

Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management

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Research Focus

Through my research, I investigate the economic and environmental performance of product-based service business models. The novelty of these models lies in the fact that customer value is linked primarily to the “use” rather than the “ownership” of the product. Such business models represent one of the major ways through which conventional manufacturing firms have recently “servicized” their business. In my research, I refer to such models as servicizing business models, and I evaluate how a firm can design them so that they are economically and environmentally superior to conventional sales models. My research analyzes decisions pertaining to pricing, product design (e.g., efficiency), service availability and the effect of environmental regulations. These elements also provide the underpinnings of newfound business models that are part of the sharing and access economy.

Current Projects

■ ”The Interaction of Car-sharing Business Models with Secondary Markets”: In this paper, we study how car-sharing service offerings should be managed along with car sales. We focus on how often a car-sharing provider should refresh its fleet. This decision influences both the primary and secondary market. For instance, a car-sharing provider that renews its fleet very often in order to attract customers may be unknowingly creating the right incentives for them to buy a used car.

Select Publications

Agrawal, V. V., & Bellos, I. (2016). The potential of servicizing as a green business model. Management Science, 63(5), 1545-1562.

Bellos et al. (2017). The car sharing economy: interaction of business model choice and product line design. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 19(2), 185-201.

Bellos, I., & Kavadias, S. (2018). When should customers control service delivery? Implications for service design. Production and Operations Management, 28(4), 890-907.

Bellos, I., & Ferguson, M. (2017). Moving from a product-based economy to a service-based economy for a more sustainable future. In Bouchery Y., et al. (Eds.), Sustainable Supply Chains (pp. 355-373). Springer, Cham.



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