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Richard Klimoski, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Management

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Research Focus

I am interested in conducting research that will provide a better understanding of the features of work organization that promote their agility (adaptability, resilience and effectiveness) in the face of complex and uncertain business, societal and environmental conditions. My approach focuses on the role of organizational leadership as this will serve to shape company culture, policies and practices. Among other things, I am particularly interested in how the latter can have effects on the well-being of the communities and countries in which the organization operates. I also study the need for and effectiveness of collaborative arrangements as these are used to promote adaptability in anticipation of, or resilience in reaction to, substantial business and community setbacks.

Current Projects

■ Promoting hospital resilience in the face of compound threats. This Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) supported research involves a project undertaken by a transdisciplinary team affiliated with the Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities (C-RASC) at Mason.

■ Addressing emerging threats or opportunities associated with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in society. This CCI supported program of activities involves several multidisciplinary teams working on applied research relative to the design and potential impact of hardware and software which has the potential to result in what is being termed “trustworthy AI”.

■ Shared senior leadership and the agile organization. This is a book in preparation which is designed to summarize what we know from research regarding the impact of the interpersonal and social dynamics involved in CEO/Top Management Team relationships as this affects and influences the likelihood of business continuity.

■ Promoting small business resilience.

Select Publications

■ Klimoski, R. (2016). Critical success factors for cyber security leaders. People and Strategy, 39, 1, 14-19.

■ Klimoski, R. and Murray, J. (2016). Cyber security leadership. In R. Dalal, L. Tetrick. S. Zaccaro (Eds.) The Psychological Dynamics of Cyber Security. Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

■ Klimoski, R. (2013). Leadership: Context matters. In M. Rumsey (Ed.) Oxford Handbook on Leadership. Oxford University Press.

■ Amos, B. and Klimoski, R. (2014). Courage: Making teamwork work well. Group and Organization Management, 39 (1) 110-117.



Phone: 703-993-1828