Volgenau School of Engineering

Kuo Tian, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering

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Research Focus

I am an assistant professor of geotechnical engineering and I joined the Department of Civil,
Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering in the Volgenau School at George Mason University in 2017. My research in geo-environmental engineering fits into two classes: design and evaluate environmental containment systems for municipal, hazardous, and radioactive wastes; and create and investigate innovative geomaterials for sustainable construction applications. My research includes fundamental laboratory studies, practical field experiments, and development of computer models.

Current Projects

■ Service Life Predication of Co-extruded Geomembranes with an Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol (EVOH) Layer. Sponsor, Kuraray Inc.

■ Investigation of Chemical Compatibility of New Bentonite-Polymer Composite Geosynthetic Clay Liner for Aggressive Coal Combustion Product Leachates. Sponsor, Bentonite Performance LLC.

■ Existing Condition Assessment, Remaining Service Life Prediction, and Evaluation of Repair Methods for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Saltwater Detention Ponds. Sponsor, Virginia Transportation Research Council.

■ Liner Systems for Aggressive Leachates from Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastes. Sponsor, Environmental Research & Education Foundation.

■ Water Retention Behavior of Polymer-Modified GCLs. Sponsor, National Science Foundation (NSF).



Phone: 703-993-1513

Email: ktian@gmu.edu

Website: https://geotrans.vse.gmu.edu/home