Schar School of Policy and Government

Kenneth Reinert, PhD

Professor, Public Policy

Faculty Directory

Research Focus

My research focuses on international economic policy, globalization, development policy, and economic ethics. I have worked most in the area of trade policy, including trade policy modeling. I have also worked on economic globalization and the ways these processes affect economic development. I also work in the area of basic goods and services provision and the relationship of these to economic ethics.

Current Projects

■ I am writing a book entitled Zero Sum: The Lure of Economic Nationalism.

Select Publications

■ Reinert, K. (2021). Introduction to International Economics. Cambridge University Press.

■ Reinert, K. (2018). No Small Hope: Towards the Universal Provisions of Basic Goods. Oxford University Press.

■ Reinert, K. (2017). Handbook of Globalization and Development. Edward Elgar Publishing.

■ Reinert, K., et al. (2012). Globalization and Development: Meeting New Challenges. Oxford University Press.



Phone: 703-993-8212