Volgenau School of Engineering

Dorin Marcu, PhD

Associate Research Professor, Learning Agents Center

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Research Focus

My work has contributed to research areas that are viewed as key enablers for the development of cognitive agents, and for the generalized application of artificial intelligence to complex realworld problems, including mixed-initiative human computer interaction, knowledge acquisition of problem solving expertise from human subject matter experts, knowledge engineering, evidence-based reasoning and assumption-based reasoning. As part of my research work I have also contributed to the development of several successive generations of learning agent shells and of cognitive agents developed with them (Disciple, Cogent).

Select Publications

■ Meckl S., et al. (2020). Automating the Investigation of Sophisticated Cyber Threats with Cognitive Agents, in Dasgupta P., Collins J., and Mittu R. (Eds.) Adversary- Aware Learning Techniques and Trends in Cybersecurity. Springer.

■ Tecuci G., et al. (2019). Instructable cognitive agents for autonomous evidence based reasoning. Advances in Cognitive Systems, 8.

■ Tecuci G., et al. (2016). Knowledge Engineering: Building Personal Learning Assistants for Evidence based Reasoning. Cambridge University Press.

■ Tecuci G., et al. (2016). Intelligence Analysis as Discovery of Evidence, Hypotheses, and Arguments: Connecting the Dots. Cambridge University Press.



Phone: 703-993-1535

Email: dmarcu@gmu.edu

Website: http://lac.gmu.edu/dmarcu/