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Supriya Baily, PhD

Associate Professor, Advanced Professional Teacher Development and International Education

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Research Focus

I have spent fifteen years working with peace, gender and development organizations in India and the United States before joining the academy, working with marginalized communities to better understand the processes of agency and voice that promote grassroots transformation. In my role as Associate Professor of Education at George Mason University, I teach courses in international and comparative education, gender and education, qualitative research methods and teacher education. I am also the Associate Director for the Center for International Education. My research interests focus on gender, education and empowerment, the role of teacher agency to support social justice issues, and theorizing qualitative research methods.

My experiences undergird my research interests where I continue to explore how voice and power are manifested in and through educational practices. Broadly, my research seeks to understand how people use their agency to engage in transformative practice. More specifically, my focus lies with working with teachers, rural women in India and Indonesia, and in understanding what it means to decolonize research.

Current Projects

■ Quaity not Parity: Through the critical comparative case design, this project seeks to understand how educational opportunities and challenges are affecting adolescent girls in five countries (Argentina, India, Indonesia, Uganda and the United States).

■ Identifying as an Activist: An intergenerational study of girl’ social capital beyond activism – Supriya Baily, Gloria Wang and Elisabeth Scotto-Lavino.

■ Navigating and Exercising Power at the Local Level for Elected Female Officials: This project seeks to understand the ways in which female elected officials in India peceive of their power and the impact of their voice and agency on the people with whom they work and represent.

Select Publications

■ Baily, S., Shahrokhi, F. and Carsillo, T. (Eds.) (2017). Experiments in agency: A global partnership to transform teacher research. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

■ Stacki, S. and Baily, S. (Eds). (2015). Educating adolescent girls around the globe: Challenges and opportunities. New York, NY: Routledge.

■ Baily, S. (2018). Appraising the Ingredients of the Interpreter/Researcher Relationship. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE), 2(4), 53-69.

■ Baily, S., and Holmarsdottir, H. B. (2015). The quality of equity? Reframing gender, development and education in the post-2020 landscape. Gender and Education, 27(7), 828-845.



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