Amb. Richard Kauzlarich, MA

Amb. Richard Kauzlarich, MA

Co-Director, Center for Energy Science and Policy

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Research Focus

My research focus is the interdisciplinary aspects of energy security as they impact on Virginia’s energy grids. This is the result of lessons-learned from my time as Co-Director of the Mason Center for Energy Science and Policy (CESP). As the world of energy production and transmission intersects with the rapidly changing technology, it is critical to understand the vulnerabilities this intersection produces. In particular, what do policy makers and regulators need to understand and how can closer connections between the private and public sectors strengthen the resilience of energy grids.

Current Projects

■ Restructuring the Center for Energy Science and Policy (CESP) to address issues related to Mason’s Institute for a Sustainable Earth (ISE).

■ Help develop an initiative relating to Virginia grid security based on proven experience at the University of Connecticut.

■ Enhance the transdisciplinary aspects of Mason’s academic programs relating to energy and resilience.

Select Publications

■ Kauzlarich, R. (2017). US policy toward the South Caucuses: Reform, prosperity, democracy in The New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus: Prospects for Regional Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, ed. Hunter, S.T.  Lanham: Lexington Books, pp. 101-216.

■ Oliker, O., et al. (2004). Aid during conflict: Interaction between military and civilian assistance providers in Afghanistan, September 2001-June 2002. RAND Corporation.

■ Shelley, L. and Kauzlarich, R. (2012). Afrique : les options stratégiques pour la France. La Nouvelle Revue Geopolitique, 4, 32-36e.



Phone: 703-993-9652



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