School of Business

Stephen E. Christophe, PhD

Professor of Finance, School of Business

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Research Focus

A substantial portion of my research focuses on financial market responsibility and disclosure requirements that can be adopted to increase the fairness of financial markets for average investors. More recently, I have begun look at the CSR focus of firms, and the types of CSR activities that are material and immaterial for different industries.

Select Publications

■ Christophe, S. E., & Lee, H. (2020). Material and immaterial corporate social responsibility and financial performance: Evidence from IPOs. Academy of Management Discoveries.

■ Angel, J. J., Christophe, S. E., & Ferri, M. G. (2019). A close look at short selling on Nasdaq. Financial Analysts Journal, 59(6), 66–74.

■ Christophe, S. E., Ferri, M. G., & Hsieh, J. (2010). Informed trading before analyst downgrades: Evidence from short sellers. Journal of Financial Economics, 95(1), 85–106.

■ Christophe, S. E., Ferri, M. G., & Angel, J. J. (2007). Should owners of Nasdaq stocks fear short-selling? The Journal of Portfolio Management, 33(3), 122–131.