Kevin Rockmann, PhD

Professor of Management, Dean’s Scholar, School of Business

Faculty Directory

Research Focus

My primary research area is psychological attachment and relationship formation and as such I am particularly interested in theories of identity, social exchange, and motivation. I enjoy studying distributed, virtual, on-demand, and other non-traditional work contexts.

Relationships are fundamental to all organizational life, and as such if we can create and sustain high performing, productive relationships organizations and society improve.

Current Projects

■ Pandemic-induced nostalgia: How individuals are coping with their new world of work.

Select Publications

■ Rockmann, K. W., & Northcraft, G. B. (2018). The Dilemma Portfolio: A Strategy to Advance the Study of Social Dilemmas in Organizations. Academy of Management Annals, 12(2), 494-509.

■ Rockmann, K. W., & Pratt, M. G. (2015). Contagious offsite work and the lonely office: The unintended consequences of distributed work. Academy of Management Discoveries, 1(2), 150-164.

■ Rockmann, K. W., & Ballinger, G. A. (2017). Intrinsic motivation and organizational identification among on-demand workers. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(9), 1305.



Phone: 703-993-4988