Schar School of Policy and Government

James Olds, PhD

University Professor of Neuroscience and Public Policy, Schar School of Policy and Government

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Research Focus

My current research is aimed at replacing nitrogen-based fertilizers with microbiome-based solutions for staple cereal crops using high throughput sequencing metagenomics and data from the National Ecological Observatory Network. Another research interest is the future of the Artificial Intelligence revolution. I am interested in the many applications of AI, from combat systems to automated hypothesis generation, as well as the sustainability of the technology.

Current Projects

■ AI in the Year 2030: how will AI integrate into US Air Force combat systems over the next decade and a half?

■ Elucidating rules of life from continental scale metagenomics

■ Edge AI infrastructure across the US

■ Illicit transplantation networks

Select Publications

Olds, J. L. (2016). The rise of team neuroscience. Nature Neuroscience Reviews 17, 601–602.

Olds, J. L. (2015). Neurotechnology. In W. Bainbridge & M. Roco (Eds.), Handbook of science and technology convergence. Switzerland: Springer.



Phone: 703-993-3700