School of Business

Gerald Hanweck, PhD

Professor of Finance, School of Business

PhD, Economics, Washington University in St. Louis

Key Interests
Financial Institutions | Financial Markets | Banking Regulation | Real Estate Finance | Financial Risk Management | Systemic Risk | Sustainable and Resilient Finance

Research Focus

My research interests include financial institutions and markets performance, public policy regarding these institutions and the structure of their markets, economic stabilization and monetary policy as they influence financial institutions and markets performance, and economies of scale and scope and mergers in the financial service industries. I teach courses in corporate finance, applied global macroeconomics, financial institutions, and financial markets at the undergraduate and MBA levels.

Current Projects

■ Financial institutions and markets performance.

■ Financial markets and their relation to public policy.

■ Economic stabilization and monetary policy.

■ Economies of scale and scope and mergers in the financial service industries.

Select Publications

■ Hanweck, G. A. (2016). Identifying house price booms and bubbles: A disequilibrium analysis from chaos theory. Paper presented at the International Atlantic Economic Conference, Washington, D.C.

■ Hanweck, G. A., and Fissel, G. (2012). Roots of the subprime mortgage crisis: Consequences of extreme loan-to-value ratios. Paper presented at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington, D.C.

■ Hanweck, G. A. (2010). Subprime mortgage delinquency and default rates by metropolitan area. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the European Finance Association, Aahrus, Denmark.