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Cynthia Lum, PhD

Professor, Department of Criminology, Law and Society

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Research Focus

Dr. Cynthia Lum a leading authority on evidence-based policing, an approach that advocates that research, evaluation, and scientific processes should have “a seat at the table” in law enforcement policymaking and practice. She has studied and written extensively about patrol operations and police crime prevention activities, police technology, investigations and detective work, and evidence-based crime policy. Additionally, she has developed numerous tools and strategies to translate and institutionalize research into everyday law enforcement operations.

Current Projects

■ Preventing, preparing, & responding to COVID-19: an in-depth case study on the impacts of COVID-19 on Fairfax County Police Department. FCPD/Bureau of Justice Assistance.

■ Improving the Investigation, Clearance Rates, and Victim Restoration of Robberies: A Randomized Controlled Experiment. National Institute of Justice Grant.

■ Evidence-Based Strategies for Policing Innovations to Reduce Serious Vehicle Crashes on State and Rural Roadways. International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training/National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

■ Editors in Chief (with Christopher Koper): American Society of Criminology. Criminology and Public Policy.

■ Translating, Communicating, and Institutionalizing Research into Policing Practice: A Collaboration between the Prince William County Police Department and the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy. National Academy of Sciences.

■ An Evidence-Assessment of the Impacts of Criminal Investigations on Crime Clearance. Arnold Ventures.

■ NSF Workshop An Evidence-Based Approach to Understanding and Countering Mass Violence in America. National Science Foundation.

■ Systematic Review of Body-Worn Cameras. Campbell Collaboration.


Phone: 703-993-3421