Circular Economy and Zero Waste Research Roundtable

May 18, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Institute for a Sustainable Earth

Join ISE for a Research Roundtable focused on creating circular economies and achieving zero waste here at Mason, in our local communities, and/or globally!

On March 23rd, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed Executive Order 77(EO 77) directing all executive branch state agencies, including state institutions of higher education, to discontinue buying, selling, or distributing many single-use items – such as disposable plastic and polystyrene food service containers, plastic straws and cutlery, and single-use plastic bottles – within 120 days. As Mason responds immediately to EO77, the newly-formed Mason Sustainability Council (MSC) has launched a Circular Economy and Zero Waste (CE-ZW) taskforce to slingshot off of this momentum to tackle the interrelated issues of purchasing, waste, recycling, composting, and other related challenges here at Mason.

On behalf of the MSC, ISE aims to bring together faculty who work on different dimensions of this topic and members of the CE-ZW taskforce for a roundtable discussion. Participating speakers are invited to briefly (3 min) describe their expertise and interests in topics relating to creating circular economies, minimizing waste, and/or understanding the social and environmental impacts of unsustainable consumerism. Come learn about who is doing what, find collaborators, and get involved in tackling these challenges here at Mason.