Aishah-Nyeta Brown


Aishah-Nyeta Brown started her undergraduate career at GMU in January of 2019 and quickly became immersed in her major, Environmental Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Climate Change and Society. Aishah is also a Global Sustainability Scholar (GSS), which is a three summer long intensive program that hopes to train the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers. GSS is also in collaboration with ISE, NSF, and Future Earth. The FEW (food, energy, and water) nexus is the main focus of this inaugural GSS cohort, after the first summer students will write a proposal to one of the three main projects and will then be placed there for the following summers. The cohort of nine undergraduate students traveled and studied in Seattle, Bristol, Karlsruhe, and Berlin. Brown has a strong background in the preforming arts and an associate degree in the fine arts; she intends to collaborate her current studies with her creative knowledge. At the age of 17, she studied at the University of Pretoria in South Africa during the summer of 2014. This program was in partnership with the American Association of Geographers (AAG) to help students better understand communities, the implications of climate breakdown, mapping, and how all of this can be related back to communities in the U.S. As community is very important to Aishah, she mentors at an alternative high school in the Fairfax area to share her wisdom to enrich others around her. Aishah hopes, through her continued studies at Mason and GSS, to positively impact global communities and to help the world become sustainable and attainable for all people through science and creativity.