Cody Edwards, PhD


Cody W. Edwards, PhD

Associate Provost for a Sustainable Earth

Executive Director, Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC)

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs, College of Science


PhD, Zoology, Texas Tech University

Key Interests

Integrative Conservation, Sustainability, Education, Evolution, Rewilding, Capacity Building


Phone: (540) 635-0461



Research Focus

My research utilizes genetic theory and methods to understand and preserve the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Current research efforts seek to understand and elucidate evolutionary histories of vertebrates, to comprehend the role of genetic diversity in population health and survival, to understand the impact of anthropogenetic forces on the genetic diversity and signatures of populations, to identify and describe novel species, and to develop new techniques and approaches to conserve/preserve species of conservation concern. In addition, I am working with an interdisciplinary team of partners to build local, regional, and international capacity in conservation education and environmental justice. Our goal is to realize a diverse, equitable, and inclusive field of integrative conservation that functions collectively to address the worldwide loss of biodiversity.

Selected Publications

Gooley, R. M, K. L. Dicks, G. M. Ferrie, R. C. Lacy, J. D. Ballou, T. Callicrate, H. Senn, K-P. Koepfli, C. W. Edwards, and B. Pukazhenthi. 2022. Applying genomics to metapopulation management in North American insurance populations of sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) and dama gazelle (Nanger dama). Global Ecology and Conservation, 33:

Gooley, R. M., G. Tamazian, S. Castañeda-Rico, K. Murphy, P. Dobrynin, R. Godinho, G. M. Ferrie, H. Haefele, J. E. Maldonado, D. Wildt, B. Pukazhenthi, C. W. Edwards, and K. Koepfli. 2020. Comparison of genomic diversity and structure of sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) in zoos, breeding centers and private ranches in North America. Evolutionary Applications,

Castañeda-Rico, S., L. León-Paniagua, C. W. Edwards, and J. E. Maldonado. 2020. Ancient DNA from museum specimens and next generation sequencing help resolve the controversial evolutionary history of the critically endangered Puebla deer mouse. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, section Paleoecology, 8: 94-.

Castañeda-Rico, S., S. A. Johnson, S. A. Clement, R. C. Dowler, J. E. Maldonado, and C. W. Edwards. 2019. Insights into the evolutionary and demographic history of the extant endemic rodents of the Galápagos Islands. Therya, 10(3): 1-16.

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