Cody Edwards, PhD


Cody W. Edwards serves as Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Executive Director, Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation at George Mason University. His research philosophy encompasses the full multiplicity of conservation and evolutionary biology, ranging from impacts of military training on small and medium sized mammal communities, the ecological and conservation impacts of introduced rodents on endemic Galápagos Islands rodents, to population and conservation genetics of leaf litter frogs (Costa Rica and Panama), swans (Alaska and Virginia), rodents (Canada, central and south America, Mexico, United States), black rhinoceros (South Africa; collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Freeman, School of Integrative Studies), and black howler monkeys (Belize; collaboration with Dr. Sylvia Vitazkova, School of Integrative Studies). His research program presents high school, undergraduate, and graduate students the opportunity to gain knowledge and engage in research in a multidisciplinary environment that fosters independent thought and encourages the formation of their own research projects and/or the progression of an existing one. His scholarly contributions are illustrated by his publications, conference and invited presentations, ability to secure funding for his research, number of citations referencing his research, and number and quality of his collaborative efforts.